Michal Rozworski

Last week, Toronto mayor Join Tory announced a plan to toll two major Toronto highways, the Gardiner and the DVP. The city is starved for cash with huge shortfalls for both infrastructure (new housing, new transit lines) and even everyday operating expenses. Tolls are supposed to help close this gap. But despite the absolutely huge revenue needs of this city, there a case to be made against tolls from the left.

George Monbiot

The High Court judgement on air pollution is an opportunity to rethink our whole transport system.

published in the Guardian 9th November 2016

Andrew Kurjata
Heiltsuk chief councillour Marilyn Slett says she wants Justin Trudeau to come to Bella Bella to see the aftermath of a diesel spill that occurred on October 13. (Heiltsuk Nation)

Heiltsuk Nation wants Prime Minister to announce tanker ban in Bella Bella: 'we will embrace your visit'

The Heiltsuk Nation is challenging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit Bella Bella following a diesel spill on October 13.

"We believe that it's time for the Prime Minister to come out and visit," said Heiltsuk chief councillour Marilyn Slett in a video posted to Twitter.

Michal Rozworski

[Webpage editor's note: This article makes clear why we should beware of nice-sounding noises about how 'green' projects will be made possible by the Liberal's new infastructure 'bank' .]



One is not born a motorist, one becomes one.

Mobility and class are deeply entangled. Not only because one's potential for mobility often has to do with one's economic position, but also because a society built on today's mobility paradigm – automobility – directly contributes to growing economic and social differences.

George Monbiot

There are plenty of brilliant plans for getting us moving without trashing the planet. So why aren’t they happening?

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 21st September 2016

It was a mistake, a monumental, world-class mistake. Cars for everyone was one of the stupidest promises that politicians ever made.


Public transit lies at the intersection of several critical social struggles today. Affordable (or free) public transit is an important mechanism for redistribution, and particularly targets low income women and people of colour. A central component of public policies to address climate change must be mass expenditures on public transit to reduce reliance on private cars and fossil fuels. Mass transit also enables an increase in the density and livability of cities.

Dene Moore

VANCOUVER - British Columbia First Nations are wasting no time in enforcing their claim on traditional lands in light of a landmark Supreme Court of Canada decision recognizing aboriginal land title.

The hereditary chiefs of the Gitxsan First Nations served notice Thursday to CN Rail, logging companies and sport fishermen to leave their territory along the Skeena River in a dispute with the federal and provincial governments over treaty talks.

CBC staff

The mayors of Metro Vancouver have rejected the provincial government's plans to replace the George Massey tunnel with a 10-lane bridge.

It's the first time the mayors, who make up the Metro Vancouver Board, have spoken out collectively against the $3.5-billion crossing.


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