Climate Change

Moira Donovan

June 22nd 2021

For much of the pandemic, Nova Scotia has been closed to the outside world. But a proposed natural gas project in the province — dubbed “the last one standing” by the CEO of the company behind it — is reaching across borders nonetheless.

John Woodside
Indigenous rights and climate activists gathered outside Liberty Mutual's office in Vancouver to pressure the insurance giant to stop covering Trans Mountain. Photo courtesy of Andrew Larigakis

June 21, 2021

Friday marked the end of a global week of action against insurers of Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline and its expansion project. The protests, calling on its insurers to cut ties with the federally owned pipeline, spanned 25 actions across four continents.

The Media Co-op

The fight over the Canada's TMX pipeline, which is being constructed through hundreds of kilometers of Indigenous territory without consent, is not over. Our volunteer editorial board is planning a series of articles this summer about the pipeline and resistance to it, and thanks to your support earlier this year, we are able to pay contributors to this series nearly double our usual pay rates. We will pay between $400 to $600 per piece.

Scott Neigh
Change the system not the climate - sign
May 25, 2021

Listen to the interview using the audio player below!

Victoria Bekiempis
The sun rises over a neighborhood in Encinitas, California, amid a heatwave last year. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

June 17, 2021

Scientists from agency and Noaa say Earth’s ‘energy imbalance’ roughly doubled from 2005 to 2019 in ‘alarming’ way

The Earth is trapping nearly twice as much heat as it did in 2005, according to new research, described as an “unprecedented” increase amid the climate crisis.

Kevin Duggan, Brooklyn Paper
Environmentalists launch a gas bill strike outside National Grid's MetroTech Center headquarters on June 1. Photo by Kevin Duggan


Environmentalist launched a gas bill strike Tuesday, pledging to withhold money from their monthly utilities in protest of National Grid’s controversial pipeline project beneath the streets of Brooklyn.

Sarah Tranum
Grain hulls left over after being used for brewing

June 17, 2021

There are many hard lessons learned from the pandemic. One is that our food system needs a serious reboot. Luckily, we need only look to nature’s cycles for clues on how to fix it.

In a circular food economy, food waste becomes valuable, affordable healthy food becomes accessible to everyone and innovation uses a regenerative approach to how food is produced, distributed and consumed.

Cloe Logan
A 2019 fire in British Columbia. Photo courtesy of Courtney Howard

June 16th 2021

Ashley Wohlgemuth remembers smoke, haze and chaos during the 2003 forest fires in her hometown of Barriere in British Columbia.

“During the fire here, it was like driving through a war zone. Everything was hazy. And all you could see was army vehicles and fire trucks everywhere,” said the fire chief.

Throughout the course of the 75-day-long fire, houses, businesses and jobs were lost. Air quality was extremely poor, and she remembers people noticing how it worsened their asthma.


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