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On Monday September 14th, Trudeau’s cabinet is meeting to plan for the return of Parliament. And we’re taking action.

Kim Reid, James Campbell, Jillian Button, Emily Turnbull, Rhiannon Zanetic

In a first-of-its-kind action worldwide, representative proceedings were issued in the Victorian Registry of the Federal Court against the Australian Government and named officers for allegedly failing to disclose to investors the climate change risks attached to sovereign bonds.

This brings together growing trends in Australia for:

CBC Radio Ideas

 Sep 11, 2020

[Editor: Very worth listening to.]


Author George Monbiot points toward a new way of conceptualizing the common good and forging a politics of belonging in his book, Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis. (Dave Stelfox/Verso Books)

Tim Takaro
Tim Takaro tree sit

Sept. 8, 2020

On Aug. 22, Vancouver immigration officers quietly deported a Danish journalist making a film about opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX). He was told that, during COVID, media is not an essential service.


As a public health physician and scientist blocking the TMX, I would disagree.


Aaron Saad
Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute  800 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto - Can Pac Swire

Sept. 3, 2020

Unsafe school openings remind us how easily we become expendable

My mother holds her grandson more tightly and for a few moments longer than usual, reminding him she won’t be able to do this once he’s returned to school.

My partner, a teacher, worries that it will be months before she can be in the same room as her own family, fearing she’ll expose them to something contracted from students.

System Change not Climate Change
Jeremy Brecher

Watch video here.

Jeremy Brecher - Strike! on Using Our Power to Stop Climate Disaster and Create a Just World

Labor organizer, climate activist, and historian Jeremy Brecher speaks about the role of the strike weapon in fighting the deepening and intertwined crises we face.

Brecher is the author of Strike! and the co-founder and research director of the Labor Network for Sustainability.


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