Crawford Kilian
Wildfire smoke that blanketed Vancouver last September was just a warning of the new reality for BC. Photo by Joshua Berson.

July 19, 2021

The ‘heat dome’ signalled our new reality. Here are key issues we must address now — or pay a big price later.

Problem 1: The destruction of the rural economy

Thomas Oatis Sandborn, John Cashore
From: Thomas Oatis Sandborn 
Date: Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Fwd: Letter from John Cashore to John Horgan - very powerful
Unist'ot'en Solidarity Brigade
Updates from Camp and Direct Support for Lytton Fire Survivors

This summer has been rough. As communities across so called Canada and the world grapple with the direct evidence of genocide being shown in the media every day communities are also being subjected to climate disasters like the recent heatwave and the fire that tragically burned down the town of Lytton. 

David Hasemyer
Trans-Alaska Pipeline (Alyeska pipleline) running through landscape with Mountain range in the distance in Alaska. Credit: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images

July 11, 2021

The pipeline operator is repairing damage to its supports caused by a sliding slope of permafrost, and installing chillers to keep the ground around it frozen.

Thawing permafrost threatens to undermine the supports holding up an elevated section of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, jeopardizing the structural integrity of one of the world’s largest oil pipelines and raising the potential of an oil spill in a delicate and remote landscape where it would be extremely difficult to clean up.

Philip Oltermann
'Catastrophic’ flooding hits western Germany leaving dozens dead – video report

[See video at link]

July 15, 2021

Parts of Belgium, France and Netherlands also badly affected as unprecedented rainfall wreaks havoc

At least 58 people have died and dozens more are missing in Germany after much of western Europe was inundated by record rainfall that brought devastating floods.

Lilah Burke
New York Stock Exchange - Photo: Wagner T. Cassimiro (CC BY 2.0

July 12, 2021 

Credit-rating agencies say they can discipline companies that behave badly, and they have in some cases, but research reveals negligible progress.

Can the financial industry help rein in environmentally destructive corporations? That’s what the industry’s statements might have you believe.

Jesse Firempong
The recent heat waves and fires sweeping Canada illustrate that the skeletons in the closets of Exxon and all fossil fuel companies have proven more than metaphorical. Photo by Jerry and Pat Donaho / Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

On the same day sparks ignited the fire that would devour Lytton, B.C., another story was setting #ClimateTwitter aflame. Lobbyists for the American oil giant ExxonMobil made an unintended confession, one that gets to the heart of the climate crisis and how we survive it.

Andrew Nikiforuk
‘These giants of the universe with their unique DNA represent a living library of medicine for the citizens of the world,’ says biochemist Diana Beresford-Kroeger. Photo for The Tyee by Colin Rowe.

July 12, 2021

Famed tree botanist Diana Beresford-Kroeger has a tough message for BC Premier John Horgan.

The world recognized tree botanist, biochemist and bestselling author Diana Beresford-Kroeger is angry.

“I’m furious actually,” she says over the phone from her home in Merrickville, Ontario.

“In this day and age I am furious that they are logging the last old-growth forests during a pandemic. It is sneaky.”

Leyland Cecco
Dead mussels at the waterline in British Columbia. Photograph: Christopher Harley

British Columbia scientist says heat essentially cooked mussels: ‘The shore doesn’t usually crunch when you walk’

 8 Jul 2021


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