Rochelle Baker
A logging truck driving past the Fairy Creek logging area near Port Renfrew, B.C. Photo Jonathan Hayward / Canadian Press

June 28th 2023

The B.C. government has announced changes to improve transparency around logging operations, but critics have more questions than answers.

Tim Smedley
Baitings reservoir in Ripponden, West Yorkshire, in summer 2022, when the total stock of water in England's reservoirs was at its lowest level since 1995. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA
June 15, 2023

While the world becomes drier, profit and pollution are draining our resources. We have to change our approach

Isaac Phan Nay
Roland Willson co-authored a policy forum asking policymakers to braid Indigenous rights into endangered species laws. Photo submitted by Roland Willson

June 15, 2023

When Ally Menzies was a child, her father made yearly moose-hunting trips to Riding Mountain National Park, about 200 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.

Moose was a familiar part of her family’s diet, said Menzies, a wildlife conservation researcher at the University of Guelph and a member of the Manitoba Métis Federation. But when she became a teenager, the moose population started to decline. First Nations and Métis people found it more and more difficult to harvest moose in the area.

John Feffer
Posco prospects a lithium salt lake in Argentina. (courtesy of Posco Holdings)
Entrepreneurs and adventurers have long traveled the world in search of gold. European empires looted Latin America for its silver and tin. Diamonds attracted the rapacious to Africa. Oil has built enormous empires of wealth in the Gulf states.



George Monbiot
When a plant root pushes into soil, it triggers an explosion of activity in billions of bacteria. Photograph: Liz McBurney/The Guardian
May 7, 2022

Don’t dismiss soil: its unknowable wonders could ensure the survival of our species

Beneath our feet is an ecosystem so astonishing that it tests the limits of our imagination. It’s as diverse as a rainforest or a coral reef. We depend on it for 99% of our food, yet we scarcely know it. Soil.

George Monbiot
Illustration: Nate Kitch

May 26, 2023

The solution is not more fields but better, more compact, cruelty-free and pollution-free factories

No issue is more important, and none so shrouded in myth and wishful thinking. The way we feed ourselves is the key determinant of whether we survive this century, as no other sector is as damaging . Yet we can scarcely begin to discuss it objectively, thanks to the power of comforting illusions.

David Wallace-Wells
Justin Lane/EPA, via Shutterstock

June 7, 2023

There’s nowhere to escape the smoke from wildfires

My father, who died of lung cancer, used to say that as soon as someone inhaled their first cigarette they immediately knew, if they weren’t in denial, that they were harming themselves.

Andrew Nikiforuk
This five-million-litre toxic waste spill at Imperial Oil’s Kearl Lake oilsands mine in northern Alberta roused outcry. But it came after years of undercutting efforts to regulate tailing pond pollution. Photo by Nick Vardy/Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

June 5, 2023

Pollution protections are stripped while Canada boasts progress. This is the history of promises made and betrayed.


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