Torrance Coste
Photo top: Nuchatlaht Territory, Nootka Island

September 14, 2021


When journalists interview me about old-growth forests, the hardest question to answer is “what is it like to be in one?” Standing in undergrowth so dense it’s hard to walk through with beams of sunlight piercing the tops of trees that were hundreds of years old before Europeans even arrived on this continent — how do you put this feeling into words?

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Torrance Coste
Clay Nikiforuk

Sept. 9, 2021

A year after groundbreaking old-growth report, government inaction still drives conflict in B.C.

Every day in B.C., irreplaceable groves filled with the oldest trees in the country are cut down and lost forever. In the year since the province’s strategic review of old-growth management, we’ve seen many promises but very little change in the forest.

Rochelle Baker
 Close to 1,000 old-growth activists at the Fairy Creek blockades have been arrested, making it the largest civil disobedience movement in Canada. Photo courtesy of Rainforest Flying Squad / Facebook

September 14th 2021

A slew of legal applications involving the contentious Fairy Creek old-growth blockades are moving forward in B.C. Supreme Court this week as the protest becomes one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Canada.

Seth Klein
A helicopter drops a bucket of water on the Chuckegg Creek wildfire west of High Level, Alta., on May 25, 2019. Photo by Chris Schwarz, Government of Alberta / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

September 9th 2021

Why you should take Mark Jaccard’s platform ratings with a hunk of salt

If there is some good news in this election it is that, finally, every leader and party feels compelled to run on what they hope will be viewed as a credible climate plan, and each of the major parties appears to be presenting a somewhat stronger climate plan than just two years ago.

John Woodside
The Fairy Creek protests over old-growth logging on Vancouver Island are quickly becoming the face of a much broader conflict between environmental goals and economic forces. Photo by @arvinoutside via Fairy Creek Blockade / Facebook

August 31st 2021

As Canada approaches the halfway point in the federal election, the Fairy Creek protests over old-growth logging on Vancouver Island are quickly becoming the face of a much broader conflict between environmental goals and economic forces.

The protests at Fairy Creek are on track to become the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history, surpassing the Clayoquot protests, sometimes called the War in the Woods.

Clay Nikiforuk, Aleisha Langmann AUGUST 24, 2021 Clay Nikiforuk
Tripod with protestor and RCMP - Clay Nikiforuk

Aug. 24, 2021

Tensions mount amid hundreds of arrests, but the blockades are still standing

Clay Nikiforuk and Aleisha Langmann were in the Fairy Creek area from August 7 to 14, on assignment for Ricochet. In addition to covering the RCMP’s offensive against the HQ camp, we wanted to find out if media access had improved in the wake of a court ruling that found police conduct towards journalists was unlawful.

“If I grab you, I’m going to take you,” he growls.

Rochelle Baker
RCMP officers can be seen using pepper spray on Fairy Creek old-growth protesters on Saturday in online videos. Photo YouTube screen shot

August 26th 2021

The federal agency that holds RCMP to account has received a total of 73 public complaints associated with enforcement measures at the Fairy Creek old-growth logging blockades in British Columbia, says the legal team representing the activist group.


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