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Shawn McCarthy

August 31, 2016 -  Ontario and Quebec signed an agreement with the Mexican government Wednesday to jointly develop carbon markets with the aim of allowing companies in those provinces to purchase Mexican greenhouse-gas-reduction credits to satisfy provincially regulated emission caps.

Oscar Reyes

Jan 11, 2011 - It is one of the first laws of diplomacy: when it is hard to agree on an answer, change the question. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) schemes are the product of two of these diplomatic back-flips. 

Kai Nafata

Review panel member says her past  with Kinder Morgan is no big deal.

July 19, 2016 - Imagine in the middle of a murder trial, it turned out one of the jurors was friends with the accused. The judge would have to call a mistrial and start over.

Canadian Press

NORTH BATTLEFORD, SASK.—Attempts to stop a pipeline oil spill from flowing down a major river in Saskatchewan failed Friday and new steps were being taken to try to contain the slick.

A government official said booms placed on the North Saskatchewan River by Husky Energy to contain the spill were ineffective because high water levels lifted the oil over the barriers.

The official, who did not want to be named, said Husky Energy and the government were placing booms further downstream and increasing skimming to try to remove oil from the water.

Reviewed by David Klein

“Economic expansion is unavoidable under capitalism, and destruction of the planet is the inexorable result.”

Green capitalism: the god that failed
by Richard Smith
World Economics Association eBooks, 2015

reviewed by David Klein


[One webpage editor's note: Three items below - Tzeporah Berman's new position in Alberta, 'astroturfing'  by some US unions, and the promoters of a bitumen refinery who include the then-President of  the paperworkers union I was a member of for years.]

The surprising composition of Alberta’s new oilsands GHG advisory group

by JNW staff,, July 14, 2016

Eric de Place

June 23, 2016 - The backers of several proposed petrochemical refineries in the Northwest are pitching their projects as environmentally responsible investments that would reduce global warming pollution. Billed as a cleaner means of creating methanol, the proponents allege that they will enable Chinese manufacturers to produce olefins, a precursor to plastics manufacturing, with much less pollution than current methods.

Shawn McCarthy

It’s Canada’s $1-billion carbon dilemma.

Major energy distributors and consumers in Ontario and Quebec expect to spend more than $1-billion over four years on California greenhouse gas emission allowances. Without agreement with the United States, however, those international emission credits cannot be counted as part of Canada’s international commitment to reduce greenhouse gases.

Vaughn Palmer

June 17, 2016 VICTORIA — While B.C. ‘s carbon tax has drawn praise from around the world, the pioneering measure does not come close to meeting the claim of revenue neutrality the B.C. Liberals made for it at the outset.

“Revenue neutrality means that tax reductions must be provided that fully return the estimated revenue from the carbon tax to taxpayers in each fiscal year,” to quote the report on the tax in this year’s budget documents.

National Energy Board

CALGARY, June 16, 2016 /CNW/ - The National Energy Board (NEB) is starting the clock on one of the most innovative hearings in the NEB's history. The NEB's review of the Energy East Pipeline Project will include opportunities for the general public to provide their input and for hearing participants to orally question the applicants. There will also be an assessment of upstream greenhouse gas emissions. This review starts today.


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