Isabella Devaan

Aug. 26, 2021

Like the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, a 21st century CCC could create millions of jobs while repairing our environment.

When you think of the New Deal, what comes to mind? For many Americans, the era has an enduring physical legacy in our parks, tree lines, and trails.

Linda McQuaig

Aug. 26, 2021

Efforts are being blocked by the fossil fuel industry—probably the most powerful set of interests on earth.

For years, it was assumed the world wouldn't start seriously tackling climate change until we were directly confronted with its horrors—thereby revealing how truly reckless humans are.

Rochelle Baker
RCMP officers can be seen using pepper spray on Fairy Creek old-growth protesters on Saturday in online videos. Photo YouTube screen shot

August 26th 2021

The federal agency that holds RCMP to account has received a total of 73 public complaints associated with enforcement measures at the Fairy Creek old-growth logging blockades in British Columbia, says the legal team representing the activist group.

Seth Klein
We need to elect a force of true climate justice champions, writes columnist Seth Klein. Photo by Lewis Parsons / Unsplash

August 25th 2021

The federal election is now underway. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau dropped the writ just five days after the release of the latest chilling report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in which over 200 of the world’s top climate scientists warned us that we are on borrowed time.

Council of Canadians Coalition
Inside transit carriage - Justin Main/Unsplash
Joint Media Release
Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - 09:00

Coalition calls for emergency funding to save essential services from interruption

OTTAWA – Without ongoing federal funding for transit operations, deep service cuts are on the horizon that would also impede Canada’s climate goals, warns the Keep Transit Moving Coalition – a Canada-wide coalition of transit rider advocacy groups, community organizations, and labour unions.

Sam Gindin
Workers on computers - For workers, competition undermines their most important weapon, solidarity, weakening their potential class power. (@arlington_research / Unsplash)

A key point in the text is the need for one or more political organizations that have the organizing capacity to go beyond unions in fostering an understanding of the need for CLASS Solidarity! - Gene McGuckin

June 14, 2021

Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks
Sinking Yacht illustration - Even amid the pandemic, the ultra-rich have continued to hide and hoard their fortunes. The time for a wealth tax is now, write Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks. Image by Canadian Dimension.

August 23, 2021

A wealth tax would raise badly-needed revenue. More importantly, it could reduce the fortunes—and power—of billionaires

In 2008, just after the election of Barack Obama, the two of us were trying to peddle an idea for a book decrying the rise of billionaires. A New York publisher told us he loved our proposal but it came too late. With Obama’s election, he said, the super-rich would soon be hit by steep taxes that would start depleting their fortunes. Their day in the sun was done.

Brian Tokar
IPCC Graphic 2021

[Two further IPCC reports to come in February (climate impacts) and March (mitigation).]

Aug. 19, 2021

Nick Cunningham
Alberta's oil sands. Credit: Dru Oja Jay (CC BY 2.0)

Aug. 17, 2021

New pipelines could help Canada export more tar sands, boosting the bottom lines of Alberta’s oil producers. But experts warn that Canada is charting a ‘path to climate crisis.’

Wall Street analysts are advising their clients to invest in Canadian tar sands companies on the expectation that the highly controversial Line 3 and Trans Mountain Expansion pipelines overcome Indigenous-led public opposition and reach completion. 


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