Arash Azizi
Illustration by The Atlantic. Sources: Javier Soriano; Debarchan Chatterjee; Chris McGrath; Bauzen / Getty.

Mar. 21, 2024

If socialists want to be a political force in America, they need to form coalitions, defend democracy, and change real people’s lives.

American leftists are facing a question that has become a perennial bugbear. Come November, should they support the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump? Or, given their profound reservations about both candidates, should they abstain from voting at all?

Andrew MacLeod
The RNG facility at the Keystone Sanitary Landfill in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. Fortis wanted the province’s utilities commission to allow it and other sources of non-local RNG to play a big role in the province’s future energy supply. Photo via Archaea Energy.

Mar. 22, 2024

The company’s climate-friendly goals relied on ‘squirrely’ accounting, says one advocate.

Zoë Yunker
Sources for renewable natural gas include landfills, cow farms and wastewater. Why is FortisBC buying it in Pennsylvania? Collage for The Tyee by andrea bennett. Foreground photo via Shutterstock. Background photo via Archaea Energy.

Mar. 18, 2024

The company banks its future on a type of methane called renewable because it’s from organic waste. Does it meet the climate test? First in a series.

Thomas Fuller
Even on a gray winter’s day, the Eiffel Tower stands out from the balcony of the new Îlot Saint-Germain public housing development in the Seventh arrondissement. The apartment’s resident, Marine Vallery-Radot, is among hundreds of thousands of Parisians living in public housing.Credit...Alex Cretey-Systermans for The New York Times

Mar. 17, 2024

One quarter of residents in the French capital now live in government-owned housing, part of an aggressive effort to keep lower-income Parisians — and their businesses — in the city.

Thomas Fuller, a former European Union and Paris correspondent, returned to the French capital to interview public housing tenants and officials from Paris City Hall.

Wyatt Myskow, Lee Hedgepeth
Cell-cultivated chicken is made in the pictured tanks at the Eat Just office on July 27, 2023 in Alameda, Calif. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mar. 12, 2024

Restricting the sale of protein cultured from animal cells, developed as a way to raise meat without the climate impacts of livestock, has become a trendy right-wing legislative focus in states from Arizona to Florida.

Months in jail and thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees—those are the consequences Alabamians and Arizonans could soon face for selling cell-cultured meat products that could cut into the profits of ranchers, farmers and meatpackers in each state. 

Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood & Alex Cool-Fergus
There are steps Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland can take in next month’s budget to address immediate affordability concerns while also setting the economy on a path toward lower emissions. Photo by Alex Tétreault/Canada's National Observer

Mar. 15, 2024

Canadians are rightly concerned about the rising cost of living. Housing affordability has reached crisis levels in many communities, while food and transportation costs are rising faster than incomes.

Robert Hunziker
Image by Annie Spratt.

Mar. 15,2024

Facing recently conducted an interview about spooky new developments in Greenland. The ice sheet is cascading/gushing at unheard of rates never dreamed possible at this stage of global warming, or at any stage for that matter.


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