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Vopak Canada has a 30 per cent stake in a propane export facility on Ridley Island and has won BC government approval for another project. Photo via Prince Rupert Port Authority.

Apr. 26, 2022

Ministers responsible for energy and environment refer First Nations’ concerns to industry, feds.

The province has approved a fossil fuel storage and shipping facility on B.C.’s north coast despite opposition from First Nations and the potential for “significant” adverse effects in the event of a spill.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change announced the decision last week to grant an environmental assessment certificate to Vopak Development Canada Inc., a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based Royal Vopak.

John Paul Tasker
Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Jerry DeMarco is seen during a news conference, Thursday, November 25, 2021 in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Apr. 26, 2022

Environment commissioner says plan relies too much on 'unrealistic' assumptions about hydrogen use

Canada's environment commissioner said Tuesday the country may not be able to reach its 2030 emissions reductions targets because the federal government's current plan is based on "unrealistic" assumptions about the role hydrogen will play in the energy mix in years to come.

David Camfield
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David mentioned this article a few nights ago during the Solidarity Winnipeg webinar on Climate Justice with Tara Ehrcke. While it's obviously a nutshell description of something much more complex, I thought it would be some history/analysis that would be useful to circulate. 
                               Gene McGuckin

Jul. 29, 2020

René Bruemmer
People mark Earth Day with a march, Friday, April 22, 2022 in Montreal. PHOTO BY RYAN REMIORZ /The Canadian Press

Apr 22, 2022 

Hundreds marched through the downtown core calling for an end to fossil fuels by 2030 and higher taxes on the rich to fund climate change programs.

Chanting “We want climate justice — now!”, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Old Montreal and the downtown core Friday afternoon to mark Earth Day.

Jordan House and Paul Christopher Gray

Apr. 18, 2022

Dan Darrah
One of the main barriers to fixing the housing market is the fact that, for many people, ownership of property is the only insurance against destitution. (Getty Images)

Apr. 17, 2022

Homeownership is out of reach for millions in Canada and the US. One well-meaning response to this crisis has been to call for more affordable housing. But we should be demanding more social housing instead.

wnership affordability.” This is the conceptual lodestar for the stories we tell ourselves about the housing crisis at the family dinner table, in news media, and in legislatures. The noble losers in this tale are the people who did all the right things — those would-be homeowners born at the wrong time.

Barry Saxifrage
Canada is a rogue super-emitter

Apr. 14, 2022

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is a group of developed nations working together to advance democracy and the market economy. Combined, these nations generate around half the world's GDP.

Over the last decade, as the climate crisis started to hammer away with increasing speed and fury, most of these nations reduced their climate pollution.

Canada was one of the few still cranking it higher.

Take a look.

Peter Ewart, Alex Hemingway and Dawn Hemingway
Photo: Province of BC / Flickr - bus

Apr. 11, 2022

Northern British Columbia is a vast, rugged, mostly mountainous area roughly the size of France. In winter, its two-lane public highways often get hit with snow and ice storms, making travel hazardous and sometimes impossible for the 280,000 or so people who live and work in the region.

Primary Author: Compiled by Mitchell Beer
 Quebec National Assembly chamber - Takashi Toyooka/flickr

Apr. 13, 2022

In what campaigners are calling a world first, Quebec’s National Assembly voted Tuesday afternoon to ban new oil and gas exploration and shut down existing drill sites within three years, even as the promoters behind the failed Énergie Saguenay liquefied natural gas (LNG) project try to revive it as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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