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The Leap

We were thrilled to see so much interest from activists and trade unionists in Canada, the Untited States, and abroad!

Here is a recording of the digital panel.

David Camfield


The push for a Green New Deal (GND) that’s become a big topic of political discussion in the US has come north. At the beginning of May 2019, the Pact for a GND was launched publicly in Canada. It was endorsed by a range of organizations and prominent individuals. Behind the scenes, staff from a number of major NGOs including Greenpeace and Leadnow are playing key roles in the initiative.

Michael Laxer

Have you heard the news?

A "revolution" is coming to Ottawa!

I know, it is exciting and unexpected right?

And, unless you suddenly think that revolution has become a meaningless word it is also not happening at all.

Susan Goldman

“No Is Not Enough” is not a new theme for Naomi Klein. I remember vividly reading an article that quoted Naomi in the Nation magazine in October 2011 at the height of the Occupy movement. She stressed the need then for resistance to the economic system of corporate greed causing inequality, the 99% vs 1%, saying “no”, but also the need for creating alternative institutions on a local level as models for a larger vision of a system we want for a sustainable, just, democratic and more equal society, saying “yes”.

Avi Lewis, Naomi Klein, David Suzuki
Ian Angus and John Riddell
Leap Manifesto
Posted on November 6, 2016

Ian Angus and John Riddell argue that using the Leap Manifesto as the basis  for building a new socialist movement in Canada must include confronting the climate crisis and the power of Big Oil.

Roger Annis

Author and environmentalist Naomi Klein published a feature article in the Globe and Mail‘s edition of Saturday, Sept 24 in which she defends against its detractors the Leap Manifesto issued in Canada in April 2016. Her unique argument in this essay explains that Canada’s “founding economic myth” has been that of the ‘good’ created by the vast pillaging of the country’s natural resources following the arrival of settlers from Europe.


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