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Black Lives Matter, United Federation of Teachers (UFT), the Democratic Socialists of America, and other groups gathered on the National Day of Resistance to protest against reopening of schools and for police-free schools. (Photo: Ron Adar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

 August 04, 2020

"I do not want to be an experiment."

The hashtag #DemandSafeSchools lit up Twitter on Monday as teachers and students in districts across the country took part in protests over plans for in-person learning in fall despite safety concerns from Covid-19.

Actions took place in dozens of major cities including Milwaukee, Chicago, Phoenix, and New York, with some advocates joining the day of action with virtual displays of support.

Jeremy Hainsworth
Greater investment in infrastructure development will bolster economic recovery from the pandemic, a Business Council of BC report says | Maxvis/Getty
[Here, from the Business Council of BC, is another part of what we're up against in determining "whose new normal." Looks pretty much like the old normal with the possible addition of minimal support for childcare resources, a fond wish to co-opt Indigenous groups, an increase in government spending to boost business profits, and a decrease in regulations that protect the rest of us.
                Gene McGuckin]
Kim Zetter
Stingray  - Illustration: Soohee Cho/The Intercept

A guide to stingray surveillance technology, which may have been deployed at recent protests.

July 31 2020

Retail Action Network
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The week of action was a success and the pressure is working. Thank you for participating!
Michael A. Fisher
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Photo illPhoto illustration by Slate. Photo by Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Andrey Zhuravlev/iStock/Getty Images Plus.ustration by Slate. Photo by Andrey Zhuravlev/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

JULY 31, 2020

Rex Weyler
Steven Donziger, attorney for Ecuador's Frente de Defensa de la Amazonía, at one of Chevron’s abandoned oil wells in 2017. Donziger won the historic lawsuit against Chevron in 2011. He is now under home detention in New York. Photo by Lisa Gibbons.

July 31st 2020

Last September, I travelled from Western Canada to New York City to see human rights lawyer Steven Donziger. Donziger cannot travel. He cannot even stroll the hallway of his Upper West Side apartment building on 104th Street without special court permission. He remains under house arrest, wearing an ankle bracelet.

David Fairey and Kaitlyn Matulewicz
Close to 60 per cent of workers in Canada don’t currently have paid sick days. Photo by Mike Graeme, submitted.

We can’t settle for temporary, overly bureaucratic solutions. Workers need reassurance now.

July 21, 2020

Richard D. Wolff
©  Getty Images / pidjoe

21 Jul, 2020

The current global crisis triggered by Covid-19 is the third capitalist crash in this century. And governments’ incapacity to consider non-capitalist solutions threatens to keep deepening this crisis into capitalism’s worst.


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