Michael D. Yates
Workers and supporters picket outside the Sheraton Boston by Marriott in Boston on October 3, 2018. Building the world anew under a new social order is the hardheaded realism the working class must face. CRAIG F. WALKER / THE BOSTON GLOBE VIA GETTY IMAGES

There have been millions of conflicts that reflect the fundamental antagonism between the working class and capital: in workplaces, in politics, in most of the institutions that help make the system tick. Through struggles, workers, sometimes in alliance with peasants, have won markedly better working conditions, protective laws, extensive social welfare provisions, even, in a few cases, sweeping revolutionary transformations. They have fought against racism and sexism and the destruction of Mother Earth. Indeed, the working class has significantly changed the world.

Philippe Marliere

"Interesting article in parts. The brief exploration of direct vs. representative democracy poses a question we don't think about often, let alone discuss. If representative democracy leads to "oligarchy" (we have called it "bureaucracy" in unions and left parties) and direct democracy has a definite tendency to wear people out, what can we do? Of course, this is a problem we'd love (theoretically) to be facing now or soon, but, even though it isn't urgent for us, it is a question that haunts the history of revolution." - Gene McGuckin

Michael Löwy
ecosocialism tree-fist
Posted on December 19, 2018

Michael Löwy initiates a wide-ranging debate on the great transition from capitalist destruction to a just and sustainable future

Greta Thunberg

Hear 15 year old Greta Thunberg tell it like it is. Clear on the causes. Clear on what needs to be done.


Wenonah Hauter

The images from the streets of Paris over the past weeks are stark and poignant: thousands of angry protesters, largely representing the struggling French working class, resorting to mass civil unrest to express fear and frustration over a proposed new gas tax. For the moment, the protests have been successful. French President Emmanuel Macron backed off the new tax proposal, at least for six months. The popular uprising won, seemingly at the expense of the global fight against climate change and the future wellbeing of our planet.

Ted Franklin
Sunrise Movement in the Halls of Congress Photo | Sunrise Movement

Fellow Ecosocialists,

This morning Jonny Kocher sent out a plea for participation in and support of Sunrise Movement’s actions to get Pelosi and the other House Dems to adopt Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s proposal to appoint a Select House Committee for a Green New Deal.  Links to the details, in case you missed them are as follows:

Saturday Dec 8 @ 10 am - 2 pm - Action Prep Party and Art Build


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