Kevin Orland and Chris Fournier

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Dan Edwards watched Fort McMurray, Alberta, turn into the insolvency capital of Canada from a brown brick warehouse on King Street, home to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

Jon Milton

Oct. 9, 2019

Montreal-area NDP candidates speak in favour of urban transit and housing proposals central to proposed ‘Green New Deal of the North’

hen the largest demonstration in Canadian history happened, Montreal’s car traffic came to a standstill. It was predictable — hundreds of thousands of people were expected to descend on the downtown that day, conditions that aren’t exactly ripe for the free flow of cars.

Jane Fonda & Code Pink
Jane Fonda Fridays

Inspired by the Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, the student strikers and Naomi Klein's new book "On Fire: The Burning Case for the Green New Deal," I have decided to upend my life, leave my comfort zone and move to Washington, D.C. for four months to focus on climate change. As Greta said, "This is a crisis. We have to act like our house is on fire, because it is.”

By Anton Troianovski and Chris Mooney Photo and video by Michael Robinson Chavez

OCT. 3, 2019

32-40 minutes [See link for large photos, videos, charts]

Keston K Perry
People march in Cite Soleil area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti during a protest to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moise [Chandan Khanna/AFP]
30 Sept 2019

Decades of neoliberalism, neocolonialism and now climate injustice have pushed Haiti to the brink. By succumbing to international pressure to cut subsidies, the Haitian government accommodated foreign agendas but endangered the survival of its own population. The country produces just 0.02 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and yet its people are paying a disproportionate price for abiding by international financial standards and emission controls.
CBC staff
Hundreds of thousands of young people took to the streets across Canada on Friday, September 27th, as part of a global climate strike. (Rachel Bergen/CBC)
Sep 27, 2019
Listen 27:33 

Millions of young people around the world have been marching for climate action over the past two weeks, in what has become the largest climate protest movement in world history. 

Mia Rabson The Canadian Press
Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer arrives before making a campaign announcement in Montreal, Que., on Thursday, September 26, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

September 26, 2019

OTTAWA -- A British Columbia think tank asked the Conservatives on Thursday to either stop running a new anti-carbon tax ad, or remove the reference in it to Clean Energy Canada's research.

Dan Woynillowicz, policy director for Clean Energy Canada, says Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's new ad misrepresents research done by the Simon Fraser University think tank.

"The information in the ad needs to be corrected, or it needs to be removed from circulation," said Woynillowicz.

Maj. Danny Sjurse
To many, the American war in Afghanistan—which on Oct. 7 will enter its 19th year—is a prime symptom of the disease of empire. Above, a U.S. Army National Guard staff sergeant in a battle zone there in 2012. (Lt. Benjamin Addison / U.S. Army)

[Note: Superb article by a retired US Army major (combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, associate professor of history, West Point).  Straight from the horses' mouth.  Another Smedley Butler. - Will Offley]

Youth and My Sea to Sky

Climate strikes by Gabriel Civita Ramirez

George Monbiot
 Illustration: Bill Bragg

It’s not just the megarich: increased spending power leads us all to inflict environmental damage. It’s time for a radical plan


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