Caitlin Johnstone
US flag with soldiers
June 4, 2020

We are witnessing the head-on collision between the story America’s political, media and educational institutions tell Americans about what their country is, and the reality of what their country actually is.

I have a bedtime story for you.

Vancouver Tenants Union
No Rent Debt

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated working people and their incomes. The jobs lost during the lock down have been disproportionately low-paying jobs held by vulnerable renters. Thousands of renters have already missed paying some or all of their rents over the last few months, and have no prospect for continued income in a global economic depression.

Andrew MacLeod
Darcy Dawson: ‘It’s not our fault the virus came out, so we should be able to come back to our jobs as we left it.’ Photo supplied.

June 1, 2020

Long layoffs mean employees lose the right to return to their jobs and businesses face big severance costs.

At 57, Darcy Dawson figured his job as a server in the restaurant at the Holiday Inn and Suites in downtown Vancouver would be his last before retirement. Then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and Dawson became one of the 400,000 people in the province thrown out of work.

Extinction Rebellion UK
Joel - arrested for protesting
The government failed the public in preparing for Covid-19, and is failing to prepare for the climate and ecological crisis.

Now is the time in human history that we must combine our skills, knowledge and wisdom. The government must prioritise people and planet, so we can #decidetogether how [we] should move on so that the future is better.

Jon Milton
2020 - Vancouver - Gastown - COVID-19 - at Parliament Interiors - Photo - Ted McGrath

May 25, 2020

The pandemic has shown the need to decommodify key sectors like housing

An “acronym soup of emergency benefits” — as economist David Macdonald puts it — has rolled out in Canada over the past two months. For many, it’s been tough to keep track of all the economic measures implemented since Canada’s response to the COVID-19 crisis began in mid-March.

Jon Milton
Eaton Centre, March 19, 2020, Photo - Sean Marshall

MAY 27, 2020

Strengthening the care economy, expanding the public sector, and a Green New Deal are vital in the wake of COVID-19

A good reflex to have, if we’re critical of reopening the economy in the same way as it was before, is to use the term ‘reconstruction’ rather than ‘recovery,’” says Guillaume Hébert.

“That choice of terms is, itself, a political choice.”


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