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Note the article's discussion of how people's class status intersects with auto ownerships and use.

            - Gene McGuckin


 Sept. 26, 2022

The Energy Mix
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Jun 26, 2022

The Joe Biden administration in the United States should be pushing for a transit fare holiday—and a windfall profit tax on fossil revenues—not a gas tax holiday, a measure critics are panning as anti-climate action that will do nothing to help consumers cope with inflation.

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 Montreal Subway - Photo by Ilia Usmanov

Mayor Valérie Plante’s recent statement that Montreal cannot afford to provide free public transit struck me as incredibly shortsighted: she might be surprised to learn how unaffordable terminal climate change is going to be.

CBC - The Early Edition
Editor: Good interview on this question.
In a bid to ease the pressure of soaring gas prices, BC Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau is calling on the province to making public transit free for the next four months.
Aired: May 17, 2022
Richard Zussman
Rising gas prices in BC May 2022 - Global

May 16, 2022

As the cost of gas soars once more in parts of the province like Metro Vancouver, the BC Greens are proposing a temporary relief measure.

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May 11, 2022

A fare evasion ticket is significantly more expensive than a parking ticket in major cities throughout the country.

Last year, I wrote an article arguing that Canada should “ban the sale of pickup trucks to all consumers unless they’re able to meet strict requirements to prove it will be used primarily for work purposes.” I argued that one reason such a ban would be desirable is the incredibly damaging impact pickup trucks have on the climate. 

CBC News
City councillor wants to make public transit free

Apr. 17, 2022

Ben Isitt, a Victoria city councillor, is pushing for a referendum that would ask residents how they feel about free public transit. Isitt hopes B.C.'s capital will join roughly 100 municipalities worldwide that already offer free public transportation.  

[Also a spokesperson for Free Transit Ottawa - an Ottawa group concerned about the social and environment importance of free and good public transit ] 

Stefan Labbé
The Millenium Line SkyTrain passes through Port Moody.Steve Ray for the Tri-City News

Apr. 4, 2022

Rich households were found to benefit the most from Millennium Line and Canada Line SkyTrain extensions, so who should pay for them going forward?

Expanding rapid transit systems has long been accepted as a necessary precursor to improving the lives of working class households while reducing emissions from gas-powered cars. 

But could Vancouver’s growing SkyTrain network be helping the rich the most? 


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