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November 1, 2022
As current, former and never members of the NDP, the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group [VESG] congratulates you for your recent efforts to make the NDP a vehicle to struggle against the crisis of the earth system. Not only did you demonstrate that a movement is essential if we are to stop the madness of business and growth as usual, but you exposed dramatically how distant the NDP leadership is from acting with the speed and scale necessary today.
Susan Lazaruk
Transit advocate Nathan Davidowicz at Oakridge Skytrain Station in Vancouver. PHOTO BY ARLEN REDEKOP /PNG

Mar. 24, 2022

A transit user advocate says raising fares discourages passengers from returning to the transit system, which is down 50 per cent of pre-pandemic ridership numbers

Beginning July 1, it is going to cost more to ride transit in Metro Vancouver.


With little discussion at a TransLink board meeting on Thursday, the transit authority approved an average 2.3-per-cent fare hike, bucking a nationwide trend to combat low ridership by freezing fees after two years of the pandemic.


Amalie Wilkinson

November, 2021

Last July, I raced a wildfire.


I was on a four-day canoe trip with my father in the stunning wilderness of northern Saskatchewan, our favourite father-daughter tradition.


On the first day of the trip, we were flown up the river from our final destination by a small prop-plane, dropped miles from the nearest mark of human civilization. Out the window of the jet, I saw a wildfire raging in the not-too-distant distance. From the safety of a jet window, it was remarkable and chilling; the power and the destruction it contained.

Socialist Unity Assembly
Canada Burned! Canada Voted! Where was the EFFECTIVE Climate Plan? - Online event

Uploaded Nov 21, 2021

Where was the EFFECTIVE climate plan?

Watch the video here:

The SUA seeks to unify and bring together various socialist groups for coalition building and related work.

This Panel Show was produced by a collaborative SUA Working Group.

Socialist Action
Editor's note: This statement by Socialist Action is useful for discussing how ecosocialists should relate to and work within the NDP. Socialist Action is a fellow participant with the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group in the Socialist Unity Assembly.


Gene McGuckin, Member of the Vancouver Ecosocialists
We are part of nature: hundreds of people died while a billion tidal sea creatures cooked in place.

After the Heat Dome Killings, What Is to Be Done?

Thursday, July 22, 2021


I am speaking to you this evening from the traditional territories of the Quay Quayt and Kwikwetlem First Nations in a place otherwise known as New Westminster, BC.

Michael Lebowitz

“Anyone can succeed”

In a capitalist society, there is always a good explanation for your poverty, your meaningless job (if you have a job), your difficulties and your general unhappiness. You are to blame. It is your failure. After all, look at other people who do succeed. If only you had worked a little harder, studied a little more, made those sacrifices.

Haley Pessin

Haley Pessin interviews Benoit Renaud and Jessica Squires about the formation of a new activist organization in Quebec, Révolution écosocialist, which launched in December of last year. The organization is part of efforts to unite revolutionary socialists within the left-wing political party Québec solidaire and the radical social movements that have developed since the mass student strikes of 2012—the so-called Maple Spring.

Michael Lowy

Abstract: The capitalist system, driven at its core by the maximization of profit, regardless of social and ecological costs, is incompatible with a just and sustainable future. Ecosocialism offers a radical alternative that puts social and ecological well-being first.


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