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The 89-minute youtube below is very interesting.
                       Gene McGuckin
Ann Grant
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May 18 - June 2, 2021 for Workers Rising Everywhere, the 4th training in the Organizing for Power series led by Jane McAlevey and hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, this time featuring new trainers and inspiring stories from across the world.

June, 2021


Ken Klippenstein
A U.S. Navy class arrives for their graduation ceremony at the Naval Academy on May 28, 2021, in Annapolis, Md. Photo: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

June 22 2021

A Navy training document asks, “Anarchists, socialists and neo-nazis represent which terrorist ideological category?”

A NAVY COUNTERTERRORISM training document obtained exclusively by The Intercept appears to conflate socialists with terrorists and lists the left-wing ideology alongside “neo-nazis.”

A section of the training document subtitled “Study Questions” includes the following: “Anarchists, socialists and neo-nazis represent which terrorist ideological category?”

Michael Lebowitz

“Anyone can succeed”

In a capitalist society, there is always a good explanation for your poverty, your meaningless job (if you have a job), your difficulties and your general unhappiness. You are to blame. It is your failure. After all, look at other people who do succeed. If only you had worked a little harder, studied a little more, made those sacrifices.

Ecosocialist Alliance
System Change

June 5, 2021  •  

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US (and the EU) have a great part of the immense wealth of the richest countries in the world in 2021. This wealth is more than sufficient to provide for the needs for food, water, health, housing and education of the global population.

Lars Henriksson
Pipeline blow up

May 22, 2021

The choice between well-behaved protests and sabotage is incorrectly posed

Last month, Simon Butler reviewed How to Blow Up a Pipeline for Climate & Capitalism. We don’t normally publish two reviews of the same book, but we think this article makes a substantial contribution to the discussion.


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